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Subscription rates:

Individuals & families                        £12   per annum (continuing members)
                                                               £15   per annum (new members)

UK Students and serving VSOs       £  6   per annum
(Visiting Pacific students free)

Corporate members                           £50   per annum

Kindred Organisations                      £15  
Islander Associations                       No Fee   
Pacific Island Students                     No Fee                       

At present we can only accept postal applications. Subscriptions are due on Jan 1 each year, and may be made annually, or for up to four years in advance.
Cheques and Postal Orders should be made payable to the ‘Pacific Islands Society of the United Kingdom and Ireland’.

For membership please apply to the Membership Secretary :

Mr. David Evans,
9 Pershore Road
   West Midlands
   B63 4QJ
   United Kingdom

 You may wish print a copy of the Membership Application Form

Payment by bank Standing Order is welcome.   If you wish to pay in this way, a standing order mandate can be obtained from the Membership Secretary.  




Slit drum, Vanuatu