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 The Pacific Islands Society of the United Kingdom and Ireland (PISUKI) was formed in 1981 to promote relationships between the peoples and countries of the Pacific Islands and the United Kingdom and Ireland. Most of our members have lived, worked or travelled in the Pacific, and include Pacific Islanders living in the British Isles. Among the membership are VSOs, diplomats, tourists, academics, clergy and many other ordinary and extraordinary people with Pacific Islands connections.

Europeans have been involved with Pacific Islanders for more than two centuries, with their roles in trading, colonising, Christianising and shaping the now mostly independent Pacific Islands countries, while creating romantic South Seas fantasies at home. PISUKI maintains that there is much more to be learnt from the peoples of the Pacific, as well as an obligation to support them through the difficulties facing their small developing countries in a changing world.


The Society holds a Pacific Day each year, bringing members together for a social gathering with Pacific Islands entertainment, while holding its Annual General Meeting and electing its governing Council.

Other events are held during the year, both centrally and locally through the Society's regional Area Representatives.

The Society publishes a newsletter, The Outrigger, to keep members in touch with its own activities and events in the Pacific Islands


The Society is an independent, non-profit making organisation. It depends on its members subscriptions, which are kept at a level sufficient to meet basic running costs, plus fees charged to meet the expenses of special events, as necessary.


Contact:    info@pisuki.charitydays.co.uk